“We are all beads strung together on the same thread of love” - AMMA

Dear Alums,

You might have been able to rely on your family, Amritians as well as the global amrita alumni network, when the pandemic struck and caught us all off stride.

Now, imagine having access to your Amrita alumni family in a variety of ways for the rest of your lives.

Yes! Connecting with your alumni pals and their spouses have never been this amazing. You can now share your passion together, meet fellow alumni and their spouses who live nearby, volunteer, use your education to advance your career and make an impact in the world.

Both your university and your alumni are eagerly waiting to collaborate with you to help you become the best version of yourself and support you throughout your lives!

Know Alumni Bonuses

As an Amrita Alumni, you are eligible for several special privileges, the majority of which are free. These bonuses include a free digital ID card, varied upskilling programs, and access to renowned on and off-campus events, among others. Take advantage of these unlimited benefits, wherever you are in the world!

Join Alumni Networks

Say hello to the Amrita Alumni Networks! You can connect with other alumni locally and virtually for guidance and join groups with common interests that provide a forum for fun-filled conversations, assistance, and celebration. The diverse Amrita alumni interest groups and online communities are ready to welcome you. Join now!

Explore Alumni Career Resources

Whether you are part of Baby Boomers, Gen X, Z, Millennials, or Alpha, you will get life-long career support that is available only for Amrita Alumni. Find out how you can realize your career goals by exploring the array of resources which includes career counseling, job trends, career-focused events, upskilling opportunities, and much more. Explore now!

Exciting Events

Global Meet Up

Know How Alumni Cares

When you band together to provide a hand, the influence of our initiatives reaches every nook and cranny of our international communities. Our volunteering opportunities respect individual identities by providing chances to highlight your talents, skills, and achievements. Join other alumni volunteers as we work to make the world more diverse, equitable, and inclusive!

Create an Impact Through Mentoring

As an Amrita Alumni mentor, you can impart your knowledge and experience to current Amrita students through the Amrita Alumni Mentoring Program. Assist students in the career development process and create a long-lasting effect on the global student community by equipping them for a successful future. Mentor now!

Know Our Alumni Superstars

Our Alumni Superstars never fail to inspire us! Being able to discuss the accomplishments of our alumni brings us the greatest sense of pride. You will be delighted to know about their career success and the contributions they have made to their communities and respective areas. Know who they are and be the next superstar!

Stay connected to Amrita for the rest of your lives!

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